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Ways to fix your car's dings and dents

Ways to fix your car's dings and dents

There is a simple way to fix the dents on your car that the collision shop doesn't want you to know. Have you gotten a nasty ding on your door in a crowded parking lot? Has a few minor collisions given you a bunch of ugly bumps? You aren't the only one – Los Angeles seems to be filled with things just waiting to damage the exterior of your car.

Would you like your car looking new again?

For a smooth body and glossy paint finish, you have two choices:

• Take your car to a body shop to have the damage filled and the paint refinished
• Paint less Dent Removal by a certified PDR technician – magically removing the dents and dings

Which option is best for the condition of your car?

Your choice depends on how bad the damage actually is. For heavy damage with broken paint, our Costa Mesa Collision Repair Shop may be your only choice. For smaller damage, such as a door ding, hail damage, or even a basketball sized dent, Paintless Dent Removal can likely remove the damage, without a time consuming and costly trip to the auto body shop.

Taking your car to the body shop can leave you without your vehicle for days or even weeks. Why? Here's how the process works:

The body shop technician first removes the original paint from the area to be repaired. Then, they will apply a putty-like filler to the damaged area, which needs to dry, cure, and harden overnight (at the least). After that, the filler is sanded to make it flush with the exterior and a coat of primer applied over the area, which also needs quite some time to dry and cure.

After the primer is dry, then a coat of paint is applied and hopefully matches the original paint on your car. When that paint is dry, a clear protectant coat is applied. When the work is complete, your car is cleaned and polished, ready to return to you.

While the process may be done with the utmost care, it's still time-consuming and expensive.

There's another way to fix hail damage, parking lot dings, and accidental dents – Paint less Dent Removal. This process removes both small and large dents using a set of precise tools and the skill of a trained PDR technician.

PDR works by approaching the dent from the inside out. These precise, almost magical tools allow the technician to reach behind fenders, inside doors, and between your car's body panels to gently push the dent out, flush with the rest of the metal of the body and restoring your car's exterior to its original shape.

Using PDR, your car's paint remains intact – no unsightly patches and no refinishing required. In almost every case, a Precision Dent Removal repair is undetectable. Even better – PDR can be completed in a fraction of the time that traditional major auto body repair takes.

Paintless Dent Removal may not be the best for every dent or damage situation. If you have the opportunity to choose, however, there are several reasons to select PDR:

You can maintain the original factory paint – the highest quality paint job your car will ever have. No matter how talented an auto body shop technician is at repainting a car, and no matter the quality of the after-market paint, the high-tech system used to paint your car at the factory can't be replicated or topped. Save time – PDR can restore your car in a fraction of the time. Preserve your resale value. Even the best paint patches can be detected when it's time to sell or trade your car – and buyers may assume that the car was damaged worse than it actually was. • Your CARFAX report shows trips to the auto body shop. If you're simply repairing hail damage or routine dents and dings, PDR won't result in negative CARFAX reports.
• Save money – and give your vehicle back to you in hours instead of weeks.
• Higher repair quality – no worries about mismatched paint or overspray in the application.
• Go Green – PDR is environmentally responsible, with no harmful paint dust, chemicals, or solvents used.
• Approved as a solution by auto manufacturers and insurance companies

PDR may seem like the perfect solution, but not in every case. Here's how to tell if PDR is the right option for you:

Is the paint chipped or cracked? This is usually the only thing that holds Paintless Dent Removal back and requires minor auto body repair. However, if you simply have a dent from a car door ding, or even a larger, softball sized one, then your car may be a great candidate for PDR. Most hail damage, especially, can be fixed using the Paintless Dent Removal method.