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Professional Car Paint: Which Type of Paint Do the Pros Use?

Professional Car Paint: Which Type of Paint Do the Pros Use?

Professional car painters based their decisions about which type of paint to use on a number of factors. Primarily, the choice will be made based on your budget: the higher the quality or grade used the more you can expect to spend. Paint type also depends on the reason you are painting the car. Is it to touch up a few rough spots, upgrade the look, or find a paint that is durable to protect the car from the elements and general wear. Here are the three types of paints that most professional paint services offer to customers.

Economy Auto Paints

Of course, this paint is considered the cheapest price point for professional painters. As many professionals will tell you, though, a cheap price does not always mean an inferior quality. In fact, many economy paints cover and hold up just as well as higher grade products. The goal in painting a car is to make sure that you have a quality coat so that the glosses or clear coats applied afterwards can adhere to the paint coat and that the paint job will stay beautiful for years to come.

Some auto body chains focus on painting cars exclusively. One of the most popular is Maaco. This is a company that presents its small budget approach up front, reminding customers that they can upgrade the look of a car for almost any budget. While the Maaco offer makes economy painting more accessible to many people, there are some precautions you should take when contracting this company or others like it.

There are some cases where inexpensive paints like the kinds used in economy shops can make a paint job worse. Always ask, for example, if the shop is using a paint made in China. If they are, you should avoid investing. Chinese paints are known for not lasting, since they chip or peel after only a year or two. What good does it do to have to paint our car every two years. Starfire , Trinity 1945, and Sherwin Williams are more reliable economy paint brands. The cost on these is typically about $40 to $80 for each gallon.

High-Quality Auto Paints

High-quality paint jobs will likely cost you up to $100 per quart and can run as high as $5K total. You should note that high-quality paints are not sold by the gallon like economy paints are. If you are ever in doubt, this is a clear distinguishing trait.

Professional shops offer customers a wider selection of brands for higher quality work, including paints from Kuston Shop, Diamont, and PPG. Although Duramix typically offers products that help repair nicks, dings and torn bumpers, its paint line offers a high-quality option, too. Any of these brands can be applied for a complete paint job or to repair paint flaws on any part of your car. Automotive spray paint guns make it easy for professionals to apply it.

Premium Auto Paints

Primarily, premium paints are used for custom jobs that can cost as much as $600 per quart. These paint jobs are designed to give your car a showroom quality. Many customers who choose this level of service want unique colors or textures that require a high-end application. Some of the brands that offer high-quality paint also offer you the upgraded premium versions, but you would be better served by getting paints specifically designed for high-quality jobs. For special finishes and other creative touches, brands like SEM Color Horizons, House of Kolor and Auto Air Colors are your best bet.