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Critical Car Repairs and Their Costs

Critical Car Repairs and Their Costs

Anyone who has experienced car damages can testify that at times the costs of repairs can be expensive. Whether you are suffering a dented bumper, a scratch or any other losses, repairing the faults can range between $50 up to $1500 or more depending on the degree of the damage. The new cars models are light, come with advanced safety measures and better gas mileage.

However, there is a drawback such that the cost of repairing such advanced vehicles is also high. That's why you should only trust certifed body shops for the repairs of newer vehicles. We are a Toyota Certified Auto Body shop and a Honda Certified Auto Body Shop.Auto insurance coverage is designed differently to suit each person's specific needs. Before getting one, it is wise that you review your requirements depending on the common damages that your car may face so that you can make a sound decision on which policy to go with. Here are top five events that will make you need auto body repairs:

Rear-end damage

You could be texting while driving or distracted and then a truck comes from nowhere, and you have to make a sudden stop. This is likely to leave your car in some pain when another vehicle's bumper from behind crunches through your vehicle' body.

Cost of repairing or replacing a rear end: It is hard to calculate the average cost of rear end repair or replacement. It could range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the degree of damage, not forgetting the cost of personal injuries which could add up to an average of $9,900.



Auto insurance policy:

If the person liable for the damage has liability coverage, then that will pay for the losses you suffer from the accident. If the individual does not have coverage or it is insufficient, your insurer will pay for the medical and repair expenses but only if you have the under-insured or uninsured coverage.

Such auto body damages incurred in such events are the reasons why you ought to have car insurance. Ensure to compare different quotes before purchasing auto insurance to know which coverage will work best for you.





Scratched paint

Think of a scenario where you have gone for a fun day with your friends or relatives and left your car in the parking. Unfortunately, birds come playing and scratch your car. They can also leave droppings, and once you try cleaning them, you end up scraping the paint. It can be embarrassing, and you will need to repair it for the vehicle to retain its original look.





Cost of repairing paint damage:

The price ranges from $50 to $1,500.

If the scratch is serious and needs a professional work, expect it to cost you between $800 and $1,500 to eliminate the deep paint scratches. Depending on your car model, the technician may have to replace the entire scratched part if the scratch is deep. Auto paint repair is also expensive and could cost you $50 to $300. This is because trying to match the color of the rest of the vehicle's paint can be a pain.

DIY: If the scratch is not severe, you can repair it by doing some touch up to hide the scratched areas using a touch-up pen which could cost you less than $50. This may save you money, but it is only advisable if it is a minute damage.





Insurance policy:

Paint scratch can be categorized under vandalism which is covered under comprehensive coverage subject to deductibles. This coverage is not compulsory, and most individuals tend to ignore it. It is wise if you check if you already have it. Most vandalism cases require you file a police report. Wherever you are, whether at home or parking lot and discover damage, first call the police as it will need documentation. You may also file the report online through the police department's website depending on the rules of your city.





Suspension damage

Think of an event where you are driving to a place probably catching up with friends, taking coffee or watching a movie and all over sudden, your vehicle gets into a ditch or a pothole that you were not aware of since it was not there the previous night. The sudden fall causes a hit on the steering column, and the suspension is damaged.





Cost of fixing the suspension:

Fixing pothole damage will cost you an average of $300. You can use $200 if you do it yourself for a shock absorber swap. A complete suspension replacement can cost you $5,000 or less. The cost of fixing a damaged suspension depends on the degree of the damage, the car model, the year and your reparability.





Insurance coverage:

Auto insurance will do you right as it helps you escape the high costs of repair or replacement. In this case, a collision policy is needed to cater for the expenses. You may also require a medical coverage or personal injury protection in the event of injuries or burns. If you do not have collision coverage, you can file a claim against the local agency responsible for the roadway where you experienced the accident.





Cracked windshield

You are driving down a gravel road or a road with debris. Your car spins as you have fun and the gravel hits the windshield. You could also bump into a logging truck, and as you try to pass past it, the car crashes your car, and it ends up cracking.





Cost of fixing the windshield:

It will cost you an average of $50 to $300. The cost of windshield repair or replacement will depend on the car's model and the seriousness of the crack. If it is a minor crack, it could cost you $100 while an extensive crack may need you to replace the windshield.

Do it yourself: If you feel that the cost is high, you may decide to fix it yourself. This is only recommendable if the crack is tiny.





Auto insurance coverage:

Windshield damage is covered under comprehensive coverage. There are deductibles in this case if you live in Kentucky, Florida or South Carolina. The coverage caters for the cost of repair or replacement of the windshield. If it is a replacement, you will not pay anything but the insurer will waive some deductibles at small fixed prices in a case of repair.





Dented bumper

It would be frustrating when you are pulling from the parking lot probably after work, gym or shopping with your family and realize that your brakes are faulty. As you try to control the vehicle, it starts moving uncontrollably, and before you know it, you have already hit a pole, and your bumper is dented. Many states do not allow you to be on the road with a dented bumper. You feel frustrated, and you do not know where to start.





Repair and replacement cost:

If the dent is not severe, it will cost you $450 for repair. If the damage is not repairable, you will need $900 for replacement.

With the technology advancement, the vehicles' systems are becoming complex, and that is why you will find that the cost of fixing dented bumpers is higher than before. Cars are now made of numerous parts which include warning system, lights, airbags deployment alerts, and cameras which have to be disconnected before repairing the bumper. If it cannot be fixed, a new one has to be installed and painted.






If the bumper has only suffered a minor dent, you can fix it yourself with only a few necessary tools.

Auto insurance coverage: Such kind of accident is covered under collision coverage. If you have a collision policy, it will cater for the cost of repair or replacement of the bumper less the deductibles. If you damaged the pole or any other property during the crash, you would need liability coverage to pay for the damages. However, you should be aware that your insurer does not start to compensate you until you have exceeded your deductible amount.