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Car Wax & Sealants

Car Wax & Sealants


Extend the life of your car's paint and finish, and its allure, by regularly applying wax or sealant. Besides making your vehicle look amazing, paint sealant and carnauba wax provide ultraviolet ray protection and shield it from other harmful elements present in the environment, such as moisture and pollution.

Every car enthusiast take pride in the look of a high-gloss shine radiating from the finish of their precision-tuned masterpiece. Achieving a car-show level of shine can only be achieved using a professional-quality sealant or wax. At the end of the day, the look of your car is a result of the choices you make. Car owners who are serious about the look of their finish know that waxes made from carnauba and other natural sources provide a radiant, warm shine. Sealants provide a luminescent gloss and are applied quickly and easily.

The following links provide a more in-depth overview of the features and benefits of both carnauba wax and polymer-based sealants for paint.

Regular application, for both wax-based and sealant-based paint protection, is the key to keeping a vehicle's finish in show-room condition.