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10 DIY Auto Repair Fiascos

10 DIY Auto Repair Fiascos

In most cases the urge to showcase your prowess in DIY can be strong, you might be tempted to go through some service manuals and tutorials and surprise yourself with your own technical skills. However, DIY rarely produce satisfactory results and you made end up making the situation worse and more expensive to fix, therefore turning to professional might be a great idea to go by.

Your car is definitely your pride and you do not want to get stuck in the middle of a highway from an embarrassing engine breakdown. Furthermore, poorly done DIY repair is not only a recipe for disaster but also an endangerment to yourselves and all other road users.

Below is a list of fundamental repairs that you should consider leaving them to trained auto technicians

Balancing and fixing your mirrors. fixing your mirrors
You might be skillful in attaching things and making masterpieces but your vehicle's mirror need not just to be attached but to be accurately placed and balanced. To drive safely, you need a well-placed and adjusted mirror that is done professionally by a mechanic. Do not endanger yourself and the lives of others by gambling with such a sensitive safety issue when you let a skilled technician make sure you drive safely, smoothly, and comfortably with less driver blind spots.

Fixing a tail light fixing tail light
When your car accidentally bumps into a wall and breaks a tail light, don't be that person who takes some superglue and twines to fix it. Doing so will guarantee a ticket or spending some time at police station or in the court. When your tail light breaks down and you don't have enough saving to get a professional technician, take a bus or a subway to stay safe and out of trouble until you can afford to hire a professional.

Exhaust pipes fixing exhaust pipe
Exhaust pipes are specifically designed to complement the performance of every engine. It is made of particular machined metal alloys that can handle the vibrations and heat dissipated from the engine. Additionally, its diameter and length are precisely designed for particular functions and most importantly for optimal engine performance. And for that reason, you can't just fix your broken exhaust pipe with a drain pipe. You need a professional to take care of such problems without putting your ride into more risks.

Using windshield Tarp windshield tarp
Just like tapes, tarps are quick fixes that cannot be taken on an open road. Their adhesives are not strong enough and could unstuck making the tarp to fly out and cause a major accident on the high way. Highway safety is a major concern that needs to be treated with care. If your windshield is damaged, take it a professional mechanic for a proper maintenance.

Only use duct tape as a temporary solution. duct tape for scratches First and foremost, only use duct tape to hold minor peripherals and not on any major component and should only be for a very temporary basis until you get to a technician. When your car needs fixing, take it to a profession to use standardized bolts, nuts, and studs.

Driving without a rear window driving without a rear
The rear window plays a vital role to reduce driver's blind spots, replacing your window with an opaque object reduces the driver's visibility range and thereby compromising road safety. Avoid getting into avoidable accidents and find a professional technician to install the windshield for you.

Seatbelt servicing seatbelt servicing
At times, accidents are unavoidable, but when they happen, you need to have taken proper precautions. Seatbelts are not objects to take chances with, in an event of an accident, they could be the things that might keep you alive. While servicing them, find a professional to take care of them so that you can drive confidently knowing that your safety isn't compromised.

Holding your door together car door repairs
Avoid using tapes to hold your doors together. This can cause a major disaster on the high way as tapes can't strongly hold them together. Doing so possess a risk of the door opening on the highway and damaging the adjacent vehicles.

Replacing with the right parts replacing the damaged parts
Genuine parts are not things that you go around buying while hoping for the best. It takes a seasoned technician who can tell the difference between genuine OEMs and counterfeits, and therefore you should seek the services of a professional for the right replacements.

Door locks door locks